... and now i can say "I AM READY TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN"

because the pain is gone... no more hurt.

whatever it is that had happened, its past and let's leave grudges behind. if you can't say a word.. if you're shy to make the first approach, no worries. i can do it. so the next time we cross paths again, expect my little "hi" or a smile maybe.

time really heals pain. but things will never never be the same again. that's for sure. let's just stay with how things are and be thankful that in a some ways, we've touched each other's lives and somehow made a little difference.

you said let's just be "simple friends".. and now i say... let's go with the flow. whatever "kind" of a friend you wanted us to be, it doesn't matter. For me, what's important is we are still bonded as a "family" and that we've taught each other another lesson.

i hope, i do really hope, in our own individual lives, we may found peace and happiness deep within. :-)

see you around!


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