"Ang sarap sumuntok!"

This is how i felt after our (Me, BLF, and Little Sis) boxing bonding session last night at Elorde Gym along Taft, Manila. 

It was my first, BLF's second and Little Sis nth time at Elorde. BLF and I arrived 30 mins earlier than Little Sis, who's tagging her officemate Che. I met Kuya Anthony, the super kulit trainor who trained us three. Well, all of them there are really makukulit. They are so nice that they will really approach you and teach you how to do the proper punches. 

I loved it! Warm-up pa lang tagaktak na pawis namin. Much more the one on one session. And the punching bag!! I really loved it.

We'll go back there nextweek!

Thank's BLF and Little Sis.. and oh! it's nice to have you back!!! *wink*



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