Laoag- Day 1

Blogging straight here from Laoag. Arrived earlier around 11am and went straight to my training. Afterall, it is the main purpose why i'm here. The station dealer fetched me at the airport because according to them, public transpo is expensive especially if the people around knew that you are a tourist.

Funny thing is, as soon as i was about to start my training, i learned that the people there were still the old staffs who were trained a year ago. Which means, i need not to do an extensive detail by detail training because they already knew what i was suppose to teach them.

So, i replaced their machine, pulled-out the old one, and just taught them the new sop's thatwere recently implemented. 

Afterwhich, I scouted for a hotel. I was able to get some brochures and fliers at the airport earlier. I looked for the one which has a wi-fi connection because the first thing i need now is INTERNET CONNECTION. Kamusta naman na mag-isa ka lang and wala ka pang internet??? It's just a good thing that the sister of the dealer owns this hotel where I am staying now.

Isabel Suites.. just along the city's center. And yup, they have a good wi-fi connection, cheap room rates (with free breakfast), and a good room service. They also have a restaurant -- Cailian Grill ---  which is kinda expensive. Buti na lang, just beside this hotel, may Jollibee. Syempre dun ako nag lunch, para maiba naman.. hehehehe!

And then I just spent the day sleeping. I'll be going back to Manila tomrw night. But in the morning I am planning to see Paoay Church and hopefully attend mass there. If time still permits, I might still see and check out other places to go.


Mah INQ TV Boys bonding night....

Had a mini get-together with my INQ TV Boys last night -- Allan and Sherwin. It's been 3 years since the three of us we're together. It was I think was the last day of our INQ TV Edsa 20 project. 

Allan, now a proud daddy to the very pretty, charming, adorable and sooo beautiful Alegria and .. sige na nga a loyal wife to Rica. Sherwin, still the same She i've known. We're in constant communication until now not like Allan which I only saw last night since we parted ways few years back. And to think, inaanak ko pa si Alegria!

If only I am not bound for Laoag today, i probably stayed late with them.. namiss ko sila sobra!


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