bit of updates

I haven't write anything lately. No, it's not intentional. I just don't have anything to write or do i feel like writing about... anything. I've been very busy too with work that deadlines came into rush in just a snap. 

But the usual routine is still there. Meeting BLF almost quite often for dinner and coffee.

In few days, Tita and Kyla will be home. In time for Ysa's due and Lalique's arrival. Just yesterday i bought some little stuffs for her.. i just cant resist getting infants accesories especially now. And im pretty pretty sure that this little baby will be spoiled to the max not just by me but by everyone else in the family. Everybody is ACTUALLY waiting for her.

There's nothing really special that happened lately..

Oh and yeah, emo seems to be really sad lately. And i feel really sorry for him. It's been a cycle for him though... Being there for him and listening to his woes would be the best that i can do for him... now.

November is coming.. start of a busy yuletide season for us... and blessing are starting to pour in.

Can't wait.


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