I So Love Singapore!

This time, without any tiring and stressfull training, no toxic work involved, I finally had the real "taste" of Singapore.

This is actually the "little surprise" that I mentioned on the previous post. Since BLF left for Singapore and we had a long ditance besty talks almost everyday, might as well fly and give a surprise visit!

Saturday when I booked the flight and then Sunday afternoon, I boarded a three and a half hour flight to Singapore.

I stayed at their flat along Yusin Ring Road, which I am actually missing so much, right about now.

Sentosa tour, Buffet Dinner at Quality Hotel, House Party, Esplanade, Merlion, Shopping at Bugis, New Your New York lunch, MRT, Bus and Train Rides.... it was indeed, a memorable weekend for me.

Most of all, I am happy I was able to fulfill the main reason why I made a visit: To check on my BLF and to see her happy.

See you in December!


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