I could say that I am one of those lucky few who never had any single harm caused by the recent typhoon tragedy that hit the country. It is a Big Blessing. I am not one of those people who lost their homes, properties, families, loved ones, and I never experienced what other people had been through. Some, until now remains to be "unrescued"

I am lucky i still have my home. I never lost a family or a loved one. We are all safe and sound. This is already a Blessing that I have to be thankful for.

To give it back, I joined volunteer works, in any way possible to extend my help and to reach those who are in need.

Prayer is the best that I can give.

Though sometimes i have this guilt feeling whenever I eat a lot, go shopping and managed to pamper myself at this time while everyone else is in a recovery stage.

This is a wake-up call for everyone, for all of us.

I realized, that inspite of every problems that I have, there are more things to be thankful for. HE just thought me the real meaning of appreciating life... and counting every single thing and person in your life as a blessing.

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  1. aliza gerritt said...
    It truly is a blessing...I am so inspired by...encouraged...validated by those who are so aware...accepting the blessings bestowed so graciously. Thank you for sharing.

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