A bottle of Jose Cuervo, 8 bottles of Vodka Cruiser + overflowing pulutan + long night bonding - hangover = PERFECT! Ang SARAPPPP!

'twas last night when homebase family celebrated Junel's recognition as employee of the year and his upcoming promotion. We are really happy for him. And I am indeed, very proud of him.


I am loving my new phone. I am still not able to inform some other people on my previous contacts list because I completely lost contact with them.

To those who still don't know what happened, I left my phone on the cab going home, friday night. I don't have a choice but to secure a new one. Ok lang yung phone since its already old and starting to malfunction anyway. But all those contacts are pretty hard to restore. Masyadong hassle!

Anyway, now I have a new number. To all those people that I still haven't informed yet, you can message me here so I could get in touch with you :)


BLF is finally back home!


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