Now What! Yeah I'm Back. I intentionally took aside this blog for the longest time because i don't have anything to write about. I mean, it's always been the same thing and the last few months of last year wasn't much that interesting. Anyway, I'm back and rolling again! :)

Part of last year, my Dad finally migrated to New Jersey and he has been there for almost 4 month now. Still trying to land on a job, which I know he could make because I believe in his capabilities and his will to have a job there.

I resigned from Cengage. For the reason I dont wanna talk about. Decided to make a big leap... im going to Singapore, and hopefully have my luck there. I decided to go there on March. Oh, I also went into a call center job after Cengage, part of it to add to my savings when I go to SG. But no luck, I cannot stand the schedule. Apparently, my former boss from 1ISA get me for a special project that would run this whole month of February. So here I am, on my last week for thsi project. Come next week, I would be very busy for packing up and getting ready for the big leap.

Speaking of which... my college friends gave me a SURPRISE Despedida party last Friday. And they really surprised me. Organized by my Bestfriend Van, it was truly an effort that I appreciate. It was a videoke night with my college friends. And they gave me this scrapbook which I never get tired to browse over and over.

pics from the despedida here.

I only have 2 weeks left before I leave. A little part of me is excited. But most part is nervous and sad. But then, I need to do this so daddy and me can be together again.

I always pray for the best and I know that HE will always guide me to the right direction.


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