Now comes the "BER" month.

... and here's whe I am now:

1. 2 months with Cengage
2. Celebrated a memorable 29th year. visit my multiply site for pictures!
3. BLF left for Singapore
4. That is why I am up spending Christmas at SG too :)
5. Daddy migrating to the States on the 14th of November
6. Comes a new volunteered bestfriend to take place BLF.. oh, BLF don't worry.. ikaw pa rin ang BLF ko. Well you know very well who this person is...
7. Missing my Little Sis too... wag na maglalasing para di ka nahohospital dyan!
8. More workloads
9. Happy. Inspite of other people keeps on telling me that there's nothing much to be happy about.
10. Contented.

and most of all...

I am Blessed.


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