Feel Good Sunday

Another fine and feel-good weather today. Been raining the whole night and i just love this kind of weather. Its just like its inviting me to relax and rest the whole day. 

Though I was suppose to finish the remaining laundry today but since its still raining, i dont think its a good idea to wash. Instead, maybe i'll take time to organize my locker which i haven't been able to do for weeks now. 

Also, will take the moment to sit down on my asignment at work. I am suppose to submit 2 logo and flyer studies for one of our projects. It was due last friday but wasn't able to do it. So i have to send it via email this afternoon... hmm.. la pa kong gana e.. hanap muna ko ng motivation.. hehehehe...

Ysa and I had a sister-bonding talk last night. All about me and what's been distracting me for the past days. Now i feel a little relieved, kasi nailabas ko na. It's hard to keep everything to yourself. And it feels good that she understood me and the situation. 

oopps, wait.. i just wanna share this pic. our kulitan mode last night... si ysa and joel (the soon to be mommy and daddy) kasi ang kulit.. it should only be just the two of them . Sabi ko pangdagdag sa avp nila para sa wedding nila. E gusto kasama pa kme ni BF. Kaya ayan, parang extra lang kme.. hmft!

Today, I want to be productive.. a want to get a little busy... and hybernate again later....

haaayyyy, Life!!!!


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