yep! 5 consecutive straight days and i'm sober every night. without any reason at all. sabi ni tito emil "bakit ba tayo nag-iinom ng sunod sunod, e wala naman tayong mga problema?" hahaha!

And here's the line-up:

Friday - At home. When Tito asked for 2 bottle, we end up with a 1 Jumbo Bottle of Matador. Ended @ 2am. Together with Junel, Jessie and Joel, a.k.a . "The Matias Brothers".

Saturday - Kit's Birthday Celebration. 3 Jumbo Bottle of Matador, Vodka Ice and Mudshaker. Fullhouse attendance. Ended @ 5am Click here for pics..

Sunday - Tagaytay Road Trip. Carlos Pizza. Stabucks... and Madam Auring. 2 cans of SML while on the Road. Went home @ 3am.

Monday - Hoping to catch-up on sleep, but lucky me, my wish was never granted. Stranded at Matias' residence. 1 Bottle of Red Horse with Tito Emil and Tito Jun. Then at home, Junel, my "boyfriend" dropped by and into the mood for SML.  3 bottles of SML each. It was just us.. Tito, Me, Joel and him. Drinking session ended at around 2am. 
- 2am - 6am -- kwentuhan with "bf". Slept @ 6:30am. And need to wake up by 9:30am

Tuesday - Mommy's 6th Year Death Anniversary. 9:30am when BF called to wake me up. Jaymie then fetched us and drive all the way to Bulacan.
- 2 bottles of SML. And Videoke!!!
- Before going home, we dropped by at Tito Jun's work at Royal Northwoods Golf Course and he feed us with lotsa foods! pics here

And I was able to sleep early!!! At 10pm, im already on my bed enjoying my new iTouch! *wink*


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