I am doing some little revisions with my logo study when suddenly i received this text message from one of my dear girl friends...

Abi: Daei! Miss u! Naalala kita bigla amidst this super toxic day. haay...
Daei: I miss you too! Wer ka? Lunch tayo!
Abi: Nku! kenat bi 2day! Last day of sales namn for financial yr. Haay.. Namiss lang kita. Ayun. date tayo smetym nxt wk.
Daei: Promise? I have to tell you something din n di ako papayag na di mo malaman...
Abi: Ui! Ochige! tagal ko n rin hindi nababasa blog mo.

And girl, if in case you happen to drop by this blog, just wanna tell you that i super duper miss you too... Its been so long since we went out.. 

Looking forward to our date..


I'll be missing a lot of people soon... 


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