My Davao Trip Part 2

My 2nd visit to the 2nd largest city of the world... Davao.

5 days and 4 nights of stay at Grand Regal Hotel, Petron Fleet Card Re-Training (the main reason why we are here), Crocodile Park, Waterfront, Eden Nature Park, Skyrider Experience, and much more!!!!

Random pics...

i took this shot upon arrival at Davao. Many would agree that Davao International Airport, compared to other provicial airport is the most developed one. (I also loved Iloilo Airport though.) 

2nd night. A dinner at Dencio's Hilltop wherein you'll have an overlooking view of Davao City. We were treated for dinner by Ate Virgie, Minnie's friend whom she knew during her Palawan trip.

at Davao Crocodile Park. Lakasan ng loob lag for the sake na makapag pa-picture! Extreme Challenge talaga!

In preparation for the Skyrider Challenge...


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