on my way to work this morning, i noticed the signs all over..

there's a 3-day midnight madness sale at all the malls around the area.. SM, Robinson's Galleria and Pioneer.

Lech! expect the traffic again tonight...

and the shopahollic queen attacks again... oops.. i know my limits now.. that's why i left my credit card at home...kase delikado.. di ako magaling magcontrol kapag hawak ko credit card ko e.

there's a lot more to spend to like my regular thyroid treatment.. and bills... i couldn't afford to overspend again into some stuffs i dont really need that much. Im crossing my fingers...


today is Friday the 13th... though i really don't believe on pamahiin, it just sounds creepy to me...

my lower body hurts... sobra! the reason why i didn't go to the gym yesterday. This is the first time that it hurts this much. This could be because of the leg exercise marlo gave me last tuesday. Ikaw ba naman ang mag squats with weights, lunges and crunches for one hour. Nasobrahan yata ako.. or should I say nabigla lang siguro legs ko. Im planning to workout tonight so as to overcome this pain.. tingin ko kelangan lang sundan ng cardio...


Almost HALF-DONE with workloads! Great! And its gonna be a weekend again! Perfect!

Though I have to come over to another raket tomrw... Need to finish some book lay-outs and design. Buti na lang madali lang sila kausap. *grin*


Sarap mag BAKASYON!!! pwede kaya magleave ng matagal tapos magspend ng time ng walang iniisip na work or anything else????

A shout out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANELLE! The girl with the "longest hair" of Fitness First Wynsum! Thanks for all the kindness! Stay sweet! See you around!


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