My cousin-cum-inaanak is staying with us for his sembreak vacation. He's taking up his philosphy course in a seminary somewhere in Odiongan, Romblon. (opo..malayo po sa sibilisasyon.. hehehe!) Glad that he's with us... the last time we were together was new year 2006.

He has changed. A lot. Surprisingly, he's not the old pasaway kid we knew back then. His stay at the seminary caused him to be a little "better" now. He's more "religious" now, so to say. Which i think is good though. Hindi lang siguro kami sanay na ganun sya. And the fact that our family is not that "strict" (am i on the right word here?) when it comes to religion.

It's not our routine to pray before and after meals, me personally, dont attend mass regularly.. or every Sunday, but I know my faith. It's within me.

Anyway, im glad that he's here. I missed him so much. He is may favorite inaanak.

And, since tito and I are free yesterday, we went out, with Ysa. Headed to Mall of Asia and bought him stuffs. Then ate out. Namiss daw nya kasi yung mga moments like that sa province.

And he's staying with us until the end of the sembreak. He'll be able to make it on All Saints Day to visit mommy, lolo and lola.


speaking of the coming holiday, until now i haven't got the time to buy candles and stuffs. I know I should be doing it by now.

I still have until tommorrow to do it anyway. *wink*


Extra challenege ako today....

My boss asked me to present 5 studies of catalogue cover for BPI. Due in 5 hours. haha! Well, I was actually prepared for it anyway. Kasi Friday pa lang, I already have the feeling na mangyayari to today. Erika already advised me na I have to make studies nga daw.

I was just glad, boss is in good mood earlier and that she already commended my work while im on the process of doing the first study. It motivates me. Ending up, I was able to give her what she needed. From the five studies, she had 3 choices. Then gave me some of her inputs for minor revisions.. and then tadah! She asked me to email it to her and then she, eventually forwarding it to the client.

Erika! sabi syo e.. relax! harhar! we shouldn't be affected by the pressure.. hehehe! Well, boss is actually giving her the pressure since weekend... plus the fact that the girl is under the 39 degree of temperature until now. Gurl, please GET WELL SOON!!! Because I'll be needing your rescuing power soon! hahaha!


Will go to the gym later...

Need to check out on something....


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