At exactly one week now, Milenyo hit the city... the electricity shut down...

Happy are the most who have their electricity on again for days now.. but as for me... and the rest of my neighbors (us who occupies that 2 blocks area... na tanging kame lang..) still suffers from this no-electricity-no-water thing. Nakakabadtrip makita na pagdungaw ko sa terrace, makikita ko yung kapit-bahay ko na nageenjoy manood nng tv... maliwanag ang bahay nila! Samantalang ako... daig ko pa ang naputulan ng kuryente! Lintek na billboard yan!

Now I realized the advantage of being a member at the gym. For I am able to use (literally use) their facilities every morning and before going home. Sarap kasi ngayon ko navavalue ang hot shower nila! har!har!

For the past days I am super uber busy with overloads of projects. Cutting of deadlines, presentations, revisions... sabayan pa ng may pagka-makulit na client. Now, I am so overloaded... to the point na hindi na ako makausap ng mga tao sa paligid ko...

My apologies to anyone na nasusungitan ko... busy lang po ako!

I know I should be able to finish more than half of my work today. Even if it means staying late for tonight. I have other things waiting to be done on weekends which means, kelangan mag-double time...

Ganyan talaga pag magpapasko... kelangan rumaket ng rumaket....


Tonight... im hoping to be a special one...Up until Saturday... I hope it would turn out to be meaningful..



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