it has been weeks, or should i say months, since we've last talked.

back then, we used to talk everyday. keeping in touch is in our system. aside from seeing him everyday on national television every morning and on primetime shift, we always make sure that we talk and catch up everytime we're both free. he would call me up on my cellphone and talk for hours, or sometimes we go out.. depende sa trip.

lately, it has been different. no calls..or even text messages. there are some but mostly forwarded messages. i wonder how is he? what is he doing? what's up with him?

i know what happened has been very hard for him. and i understand how he felt. i never said a word though. i just waited until he opened-up and tells me everything. and then he kept quiet. I tried to reach out for him but I can't even find him. maybe he just needs space.. some time for himself....

surprisingly, after months, i heard about him through our bestfriend. the past weeks i always asked this bestfriend of ours about him.. how is he doing...what's up with him. i did missed him so much. the fact that he never keeps in touch. I just assumed that he's fine.. coz i still see him on tv doing his works and he seemed to be ok naman.

anyway, our bestfriend told me that he's doing fine. that he is quite happy with what's been happening to him lately. Good. I mean, I'm happy to know that he's doing great... and that he's having the moment of his life having in him what he wanted the most. not like before when all i can see is the sadness in his eyes...a longing which he couldn't have... the hapiness he coudn't exactly get.

i may not know every details of what they have talked about but for sure, he's fine. im glad that he again communicated, even not to me, but still i know he's there.

i can't take away the fact that we are still friends... no matter what it takes. i dont know if he doesn't feel like talking to me or whatever but i am still here. i just miss the "good old days"

and i just wanted him to be happy.

as for me, i am. so much. i never thought i would recover from the pain that he unintentionally caused me... but i did... and im ready to hear from him again... because we are "friends".

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  1. niQ said...
    UUUUUUUUUYY... "healed" na raw sya.... harharhar.

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