BOXING. After months of doing my regular workouts, --- cardio, free weights, cross-trainings, etc. --- i thought (well marlo asked me to) of doing boxing training. I have one last Thursday with Mitch (another trainor at the gym which so happened to be his closest colleague and somehow we became close too). It was an almost 2 hrs training. She taught me the basics... Straight punch, job, hook, upper cut, and combos.

Now i know why they say that boxing is most effective when you want to tone your arms.
Kasi you have to give your most energy when you punch. I guess it's an advantage to me kasi normal na malakas akong sumuntok. It was a feel-good training. Ang sarap ng feeling after.. kasi feeling ko lumabas lahat ng pawis ko and iba yung feeling compared to regular work-out.

I did good on straight and job punch... Im happy with that. Bad trip lang medyo nahihirapan ako sa upper cut.. hehehe... but i know eventually I can do it.. konting practice pa..

Thanks to mitch for letting me use her boxing accesories. And for being patient in teaching me the stuffs. And the best thing about it.. its FREE!! Thanks too to Marlo for not letting me pay for it... sana may next time pa ulit...

Well, actually supposed to be meron. Last Saturday he asked me if I want to do boxing again but no, I can't. After the thursday training, I have this upper body pain... na sobrang sakit. I know its the effect of it kaya di ko kakayanin na sumabak ulit sa sakit ng katawan. I'd rather have cardio nalang.
Yesterday, it was a pamper-myself-moment for me. Had a body scrub and massage at
Body Care, Fitness First Libis. Ang sarappp!!!!

I had the strawberry scrub applied on me for 1 hour.. then followed by a 10-minutes steam bath-- then a massage with a strawberry lotion. Perfect!!

Salamat sa GC ng Fitness First!

After the spa, had my hair cutted... shorter than the usual. New look ba.. *wink*

At the end of the day, I felt rejuvinated. Sobrang sarap ng feeling...


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