had a great workout last night...

i pretty made sure i have the focus on "my workout" this time.. haha!

my routine:

warm up --> 15 minutes on the threadmill
followed by: 30 minutes on handbike (actually dapat 15 minutes lang din pero dahil sa na-corner ako ni marlo at pinagawa nyang 30 minutes. ang laki daw kasi ng upper body ko ngayon!)
then: 3 sets of 50 reps sit-ups
then: 20 minutes on the stepper
then: machines for triceps
then: 15 minutes on the bike
finally: stretching

i wanted to take the rotex pa nga kayalang di na kinaya ng powers ko. salamat sa overflowing free red bull that night.

i really felt great. with steam bath and sauna right after. sobrang relax...

i am very much satisfied...

but i als had a hard time sleeping last night

maybe because nasobrahan ako sa red bull kaya di ako makatulog...

... or because i am patiently waiting for something that was promised to me?


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