Last night my thoughts came to assesing my targets for this year... What should I have and should accomplish... and then I found myself pondering into these three "simple" things...

> My own car. (maybe a second hand one is fine.. but really, i am targetting for a picanto or a vios.) But whatever! as long as I should have one by the end of this year.

> Travel... at this moment, I am dying for Venice. But hah! i don't know if I could.. I could get broke if I push through with it NOW! Hope I could get more "sidelines" to fill in my account. If not, maybe Hongkong or Singapore... its the cheapest, I think. Nik, if you're reading this.. I'm tagging you! Ipon ka na, bilis!!!

and lastly... should I say a this-time-a-good-almost-perfect-true-relationship? A more serious and not so complicated one. Hah! coz, come 2007... it should be my most awaited year!

If I could have all these three by or before December 31, wow! I know it all depens on me... but the question is.. can i make it? Sobrang patitipid ang kelangan kong gawin nito...

Kahit isa lang... please...

Hmm... if not.. kahit yung number 3 na lang???

Goodluck, daei!!!


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