Ok.. so now everybody's talking about LOVE. Well, this is a tradition, I guess. That comes the month of February, all you can see are those red hearts flashing along the metro's highway.. radio stations playing love songs... events in line with love... etc..just, so to say.. in celebration of the famous Valentines Day..

Ooops! no! I am not against this tradition... don't get me wrong... just because I don't have someone to spend this day with means I am bitter and jealous of what other couples could have. In fact, I wish I have one... well, I know someone who still don't have a date on this day too and believe me, how I wish I could be with him!!! Oohhh... which is kinda 10-90 possibility... hahahaha!!!

Anyway... while typing this stuff... 2 days before this what they call the "heart's day"... I am thinking why am I doing this post? Maybe because everybody's doing it so why don't I? hahaha! I dont know... maybe because I am all alone in this room... no one to talk to... and as much as I want to go out... I can't... coz when I go out.. definitely I would spend so much and now, I need to save up!!!!

Valentine's Day falls to be on tuesday... so, aside from treating my besty (which, according to her is a must-do having my first pay cheque on this job... but that would be on a wednesday... ) I am spending my entire day at work!!! Exciting, right? Apparently, there's so much workloads to do and the thought of going out with someone seems to be the last priority. How I wish it could be the first... but I don't think so.

So, goodluck na lang, daei! :-p


Looking forward on Baguio trip this coming Saturday....



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