Haven't been in my right body system for the past two weeks. Sleep is nowhere to be found on my activities. How I wanted to have one... but when???? I don't know. 2-4 hours of sleep everyday makes me feel so weak. But at least knowing that it brought some weight loss kinda makes me feel ok.

Yup.. I have lost couple of weight for the past two weeks that i've been torturing myself on work and rakets. I wanted to gave up those sidelines, really. But I can't seem to quit because I have been involved with them already. Last night... or should I say, early this morning (around 2am) I was thinking of talking to my docu boss that I need some time for myself... that if I took off my hand to the responsibility of supervising the post prod, and look for someone to take my place, would it be fine for them? I don't mind about the talent fee, anymore. Coz it would cost me much more if my health suffers.

I know I have been dying to get workloads last month.. on paranoia that I couldn't get one. Then opportunities came all at once. I have been so blessed. I know that. But torturing myself is no good.

I can't find time to visit my OB. I need to have an asap checkup now... coz something's wrong with my system. But time contraints me from going to her clinic.. because I still have more pending works to do. And then I would think... If I could only stick to one regular work.. then everything would be allright. Then maybe I wouldnt get stressed and eventually a normal cycle would be back again on me.

i think I NEED A BREAK!!!

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  1. niQ said...
    dear, i need an appointment with an OB too... it's just that i couldn't find anyone whom i can trust.

    Sabay kaya tayo?...

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