What's the real score of taking risk?

Nik: anu ba yung sitwasyon na gusto mong mangyari?

Moi: yung totoo?
Nik: aba siempre
Moi: I want to be with him...
Nik: pero... feeling mo niririsk mo yung friendship di ba?
Moi: yup..
Nik: so, ano ngayon ang mas importante sa yo?
Moi: and i dont want to loose it
Nik: kaya nga
Nik: so, set your priority straight
Nik: either tell him and risk losing him, if he doesnt feel the same way, or
Moi: or?
Nik: keep it to yourself and NEVER know
Nik: at all
Moi: what if...
Nik: but at least friends kayo

Sounds normal? Yeah right! This could be a so so normal situation for most, but believe me, it's hard. Yeah, some might say "parang highschool" or others might take this as a simple no-nonsense thing.

My besty is right.. everything is all up to me... taking risk is a risk that I should make if I wanted to make a difference out of this paranoia that bugging me eversince that news-breaking headline that caught my attention (whatever that headline is, it made a difference now... happened sometime december 2005).

Now, having this strong foundation of friendship hinders me into taking another level.. another step that could make a BIG difference in my life. I am not afraid of taking risk.. but this time, I guess, I am. Knowing that what is at stake is something so important in my life... and so I am afraid.

I'll just shut up.... keep everything to myself.. be still... Anyway, things might fall into their right places in time... when? I don't know. When will I have the courage, I have no idea.

As for now.. having him in my life is enough.. enough to know that I, too, exist in his life...

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  1. niQ said...
    I feel for you bes. goodluck.

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