my first day on my new job isn't so bad after all...

... it was great, actually...

... got along very well with my officemates

... first fact in the office: GIRLS SMOKE WHILE GUYS DON'T! Yep yep! Baliktad na nga mundo ngayon!....

... seems to me that i'll be having a wonderful atmosphere on my new home..

and by the way... im also glad im just a block away from my besty! so hopefully, we could spend more lunch together!... right, nik? *wink*


and back here at INQ TV office, for my last project of EDSA 20, im a night owl. See, I have to spend my whole day with 1ISA and then my night with my dear INQ TV. EDSA 20 is our last project, so to speak. We've been working on this since the end of last year.. then we got stuck on January... and now.. back to post production.

Eto ang buhay "raket"... hanggat kaya, go lang ng go!

This will be just for 2 weeks... and after this, I hope, really hope that I could go back to my normal life...

I almost gave up my Asenso Pinoy... for two weeks, I couldn't attend to them anymore, even if I want to... but I will be back... and I promise that...

I am so blessed and I thank God for all of this!!!


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