still here...

its been a week since my last post.

and i dont have anything (or maybe just dont feel like) to write about. A lot of things happened but nothing so special in particular.

oh, there is... but i'd rather keep it for a while. i might spoil it... it's too early to say.

btw, my e-bay hobby is doing good! thanks to nikay who brought me there. I was able to make 3 transactions last week and this week, there are 3 pending bids on my items... extra income din!


we (marketing people) at the office was given a challenging assignment by our boss which is all due this coming wednesday. we need to present it individually. parang college project ba...

and we all HAVE to do it... 

... and until now, wala pa ko naiiisip na concept to present. :-(


will update more soon.


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