i am.

another answered prayer was God's gift to me today.

I had a great presentation during our marketing meeting earlier. It was a different feeling... a sense of accomplishment.

especially when one of the members of mancom told me as soon as i took my seat after my presentation ... "ang gaganda ng ideas mo. natutuwa ako sayo", and when our president told me while im doing the presentation "that's a great idea. pursue that and we'll sit on that next meeting"... and seeing that all are agreeing with what I am saying... iba talaga ang feeling.

and while waiting for my turn, one of my contacts texted me and said "daei, are you guys doing a loyalty program?" of course i replied "YES". Just in tinme for my presentation that i was able to include it. kasi wala talaga akong nakalagay sa "pursue new accounts" part... and hola!!! i already have one... the last minute. And, i have a meeting with that contact this coming friday.

it was what i prayed.. for me to have a good presentation and something that could make sense. And it is true, if you pray and mean what you pray, he'll give you more than what you asked for...

after our meeting, we all went back to office to finish some deliverables. and i got a call from ABSCBN telling me that i have a job interview for the HEAD OF TECHNICAL OPERATIONS position. Whatttt?????? I never applied in any jobs at ABS in the first place? How am i able to get an interview schedule? plus they know my cellphone number???

... and it was scheduled also on Friday at 2pm.

That girl from the HR of ABS called in twice to confirm and making me sure that i will come.

My meeting is on Friday at 4pm and that interview on the same day at 2pm.

Tell me how am i gonna do that?

but still...

thank you and praise to you God. :-) i know that He'll show me what to do on Friday.


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