make or break

My first work challenge of the year.

Remember i had a meeting few days ago with a big bank client who's asking us to provide a proposal with one of their big event?

well... we do submitted our proposal on time. after a lot of sourcing out with suppliers, friends and making use of  each one's "connections". satisfied to say that we were able to developed something that meets their requirements and most importantly, their budget. 

it was just a bidding anyway. they said, during the meeting that they already have one supplier in mind but will also consider our proposal if in case they find it more interesting. two suppliers already begged off due to time constraint and their super "limited budget". Time constraint? we met friday and they want the quote submitted monday afternoon. 

But yeah as i said, we were able to meet their deadline. :-)

Now the challenge is this. I just got an email copy-furnished to all the marketing people and it seems that the project has been awarded to us. Yey! I was surprised to see the comment of our president that reads:  Jem, Leny, and Daisy should be able to pull this one for us!

Meaning, the three of us will do the formal presentation of our proposed program on Tuesday, February 3. It's ok though. I mean, it is exciting at the same time challenging on my part. at least my effort on sourcing out the lowest cost possible had turned out very good.

I know WE CAN do this. Not just "doing it" but "making it happen".

Happy. Glad. Excited. Flattered.


Before going online tonight, i couched myself first to:
a reunion of TITANIC's Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet. I don't remember this movie making a hit. Still i gave it a try. I am surprised that it was a different Jack and Rose this time.

I found myself bored, although there are some scenes that caught me. This is basically a story of the couple's frustration at their inability to feel fulfilled in their relationships or careers.

This is not a feel-good movie, nor i could say as an artistic production, or whatever. 

but then i was caught with one of the lines in the movie..

"How do you break free without breaking apart?"


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