i can sleep well!

I have my new bed mattress! BLF accompanied me to the factory shop of URATEX near them and bought a new one.

Just for your information, I am having a hard time sleeping in my bed the past months because I can literally feel the steel framework of my bed dahil sa nipis ng old mattress ko!

That's why I have to cut my day off at the office to catch the store hours of the factory shop. It is much cheaper to buy there compared to malls. a lot lot difference!

and just about now, i am comfortably experiencing my new sleeping crib. mukang mapapasarap ako ng tulog nito...

and i need to be reminded.. i have to be early for work tomorrow.

by the way, after getting the mattress, BLF toured me at SM Marikina! Hahaha! It was my first time to be there and in fairness... it is more spacious than other SM in the metro. Maluwag. Even their parking space.. pwede ka mag conduct ng dance class! hehehe...

... and pag-uwi dito sa house, sinalubong kami ng isang cute na cute na bata...

isn't she cute??? i just so love her!!!


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