family "ties"

weekend was spent with foods!!! and more food!!!!

it was my aunt's birthday at bulacan and as promised, i went over their place. I arrived lunchtime (traffic in NLEX sucks!!!) and i was so happy that she cooked almost all of my favorite dishes. Sabi ko na nga ba favorite ako ng tita kong yan e! hehehe!

Chikka galore the whole day. Well, its really nice to have a bonding talk with her. And with my uncles, too. These are the moments that I am able to understand what is it that they are going through and somehow makes me feel so lucky with what I have. 

What I am thankful for is that, whatever the situtation is, they still remained to be the thoughtful, sweetest, and caring person as they are... as what i have known them to be. Well, sila naman kasi ang nagiging takbuhan ko when im emotionally bothered.

And they understands me. And will never leave me. 

After my aunt's birthday, I went straight ahead to my cousin's house in pampanga for her son and my inaanak's 7th birthday and their town's fiesta.

Ayun! food galore na naman. I helped her prepare and cook foods! It was 3 years since i last went there and Im so surprised to see my pamangkins all grown-up. 

Which reminds me, im getting old. hahaha!

It was a tiring weekend for me but the time spent with them is incomparable. Im sure, matatagalan bago ako ulit makadalaw sa kanila...

and i miss them now. iba talaga kasi pag bonding ng pamilya.

.... and i miss my dad too.


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