power pack

i received a call earlier from an unknown number...

moi: hello?
caller: hello? am i speaking to ms. daisy capuli?
moi: who's on the line pls?
caller: ma'am this is bong from fitness first megamall. i was the one assigned to give you the free power pack session. i just want to know when are you available for the first session?

... a personal trainer. after that phone call, everything all comes back. it was the exact same spiel that marlo had given me the first time he called me 2 years ago, introducing his self and scheduling me for a power pack session. 

i enrolled back to gym for a whole new perspective. with all the thought of "i can overcome this fight of not bringing back the memories everytime im into that place" 

i dont even plan of having a personal trainer this time. with all the program and workout that marlo had taught me before, i know i can go by myself. As a matter of fact, I have been doing my workout all by myself since i got back. The power pack coupon are just there inside my bag, without my intention of using it.

and that phonecall... and after talking to nel (ayan special mention ka!), gave me a second thought. why not use the privilege since its free anyway? after all, i know their (FI's) tactic and I know what to do now. I'll grab the free power pack and not be fooled by their "pambobola" on availing a pt package...

i don't know why but im still nervous... i just can't still help not bringing back the thoughts... 

goodluck to me... 

powerpack session 1, later at 7pm.


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