I attended the first FF Megamall Body Jam Marathon last night. I didn't knew that it was a marathon. I just thought of attending the Jam Class after a 30-minutes cardio and I was surprised when  I saw bunch of people waiting outside the GX Studio. I thought it was just an ordinary 1-hour jam class. 

When the instructors started their spiel, there I learned that it was a marathon. A 2-hour class without break. Though we are free to go out anytime. It was my first time to attend the group ex at megamall. And my first time to join a class alone.

The class feature new tracks. Far different from the previous jam classes I attended year ago. A mixture of hip-hop and modern moves. And the good thing is, pag kagkamali ka ng step, tawa na lang!  I initially intended to spent 1-hour for the first 3 tracks. I never thought I would stay that long. I enjoyed the way I sweat and the moves! Challenging but so enjoyable. Di ko namalayan ang oras. I just realized it when we are doing the cool down. Natapos ko ang isang marathon!

It definitely feels so good! I hope I could attend other class too, soon. 


  1. macel said...
    hi! this is macel. i was one of the body jam presenters (instructors) in that marathon.

    thanks so much for coming and enjoying it!

    BTW, those aren't new track. most of it are old na. see ya!
    macel said...
    hey this is macel. i was one of the presenters.

    i just want to drop by and say thank you so much for coming.

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