My original plan was to go for a cardio workout either at Mega or Wynsum after work, while waiting for Kyla who happened to be with Kit and Jaymie for a day of "gala and laboy". But then, middle of the day, I got a message from Wisa setting a bonding dinner with me, her and rhey-an.I set aside my gym plan and go for the dinner. 

This is going to be our first dinner together after wisa's wedding. We had it at Lasa, Podium. And it was all on Rhey-An. :-) Sa wakas, nalibre nya rin kme!!! I then asked Kit and Jaymie to meet me at Lasa for Kyla. I thought it was just one of our usual dinner together, i never expected that it would be this different...

It was, really one of the most treasured dinner I've had with them.. especially with Rhey-An... I don't need to explain details why, but it was truly a moment when, just like as what I told him that night, "mas lalo kitang minahal ngayon" and that our friendship grew deeper than what it used to be. Rest assured, I will treasure the trust you have given...

And by the way, that dinner also was a way of welcoming a new friend Ryan on our "family-three" (family three kasi it only includes me, wisa and rhey-an... sharing a common ground)...

oo totoo!!! libre lahat yan ni kuya!!! kasi daw pareho kameng naka kulay ube! wahahaha! 

Welcome to the group, Rye!


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