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my power pack session last night was definitely (very) good! Bong, my personal trainer, so far was quite approachable on our first meeting. He need not to explain to me every detail of the program because I already told him that I've been into personal training before and that I know the process. I just asked him to skip the pre-session assessment, the questionnaires, explanation of body fat, mass, etc... and requested to instead proceed to a workout session. 

We did a little warm-up, 3 programs for chest, back, legs and abs exercise. Hindi muna nya ko binigyan ng maraming sets coz after stopping gym for almost 5 months, baka daw mabigla ang katawan ko. Our session lasted for one and a half hours. Surprisingly, there are some new workout techniques that he showed me which I never encountered before.

Nakakamiss din pala ang PT. Iba pa rin kapag may nag spot sa workout. Iba pa rin when you are guided by programs. I felt great after the session. And sarap! Next session would be next week...

And btw, I already made the impression to Bong that I am not availing of the PT package.. hehehe! Bad! But then, who knows? maybe soon... if budget would permit... once in a while, i guess, its good to have a personal training...

I really.. really hope I could bring back the endurance and the weight loss i had before...


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