i finally met Kit's mom, dad and ate kat last night. together with those mouth-watering banana muffins, oatmeal cookies, veggie salad and the best pasta ever by her mom.


travelled early up north with joel to fetch tito julio from work and bought some firecrackers at Bulacan..

Had a sumptous eat all you can breakfast courteousy of Tito (sya kasi ang f&b manager ng royal northwoods)

And then picture picture while waiting for him..

Mag-aama: Joel, Janine and Tito Julio

ready for the breakfast. si joel mukang puyat e..

this is my second time to drive a golf cart... first was in fontana clark...

the view from the terrace.. parang day-off pic lang!

japan! japan! : joel and janine

goofing around with boy-boy...

the three stoogies!


tonight, new year's eve celebration... i wonder how my 2008 would end...

December 28, 2008, Sta. Rita De Cascia Parish, Philam Homes QC. Reception followed at Aberdeen Court.

My Best cousin's big day. He waited for this for so long.. and i can see the happiness and contentment in his face.

I was one of the bridesmaids and I hosted the reception. It was like a grand reunion for both families. Ang daming guest.

We staeyed at the hotel after the wedding with the newlyweds and had a bonding-night together...

my dad and me.. the ninong and the bridesmaid.

kuya olan and me.. the groom and the bridesmaid.

boyboy and me.. the groom'sman and the bridesmaid.

kuya olan, tita mita and tito lito... the groom and his parents

si tito talaga sa likod ang pinicturan dito hinde kame... 
hehehe.. with tita irene, ate josie and carissa

the emcee's and carissa.. our time to shine!!

carissa and aiza.. mga pamangkin ko... yap.. mas malalaki pa sila kesa sakin

Second Parents after Mommy and Daddy... Tito Lito and Tita Mita

The Bride and Me

And the Groom

Mga "Sanggang-Dikit"

A bonding-night after the wedding...

more pics at my multiply site

afternoon nap

i just had a weird dream.

a dream that i wouldn't forget... ever..

a dream that i wish would come true...

kaso hanggang panaginip na lang yata yun...

a bit of wish

wishing to be a bride??? hahahaha!! no, no, no.. di lang kasi pwede isukat ng bride yung gown nya (talk about the old pamahiins) but she really wanted to see how it would look like.. and since we almost have the same built, ako ang pinagsuot nya...

tomrw is their big day... and i am so happy for my dear cousin...

celebrated with people close to my heart... 

christmas eve here at home. hahaha! aside of course from the noche buena, di mawawala ang "session" with "my boys"

One of the things I am thankful for is that "things" are now back to normal. pain and grudges are gone. ok na kami ulet. we laugh again, throw jokes to each other, and trying to re-build the friendship we once lost. sure, things wouldn't be the same again like before, but it's much a lighter feeling for me now. and i can see the relief feeling of everyone around us knowing that things are better between us. wala ng awkwardness, di na sila nangangapa na lam nilang may "issue".

Magaan sa pakiramdam. Thank you God, for an answered prayer. :-)

Christmas Day. Early morning I travelled up north to Pampanga to be with my Dad and families - dad side. It's been years since I last saw them (except for my dad of course) and they were really really surprised seeing me knocking on their doors. It was a heartfelt feeling spending christmas with them again.. with my cousins, titos and titas... and of course, my daddy.

I never stayed long though. Early afternon I went back to manila. I dropped by the Matias' home kasi pinagluto daw ako ni tita nelie ng aking favorite steamed tilapia with garlic sauce. with a little kwentuhan with Tito Julio and the rest of the family... and yeah, it really feels good. to finally smile again... 

I am at peace.

Then had coffee with BLF and Kit. I am happy that we three are together this day. it means a lot.  

will be busy and toxic the next few days. kuya olans wedding up-next. 

plus, i want to have this blog a new look. and i am working it out right now. 

you'll see soon!!!

a blessed christmas everyone!

no choice...

its christmas eve and i am WORKING. 

literally working here at the office.

gusto ko na umuwi...

i am leaving in an hour. sa ayaw at sa gusto nila.

After our Fashionista Company Christmas Party, we had our own strata family Christmas celeb at Sir Jem's House in Pasig. With guests from warehouse, Cheng and Minnie.

Daming food... red wines, beer plus games..

it was a fun! fun! bonding night...

It was our first time to held a house party at Sir Jem's place. That's Tia, his cute little daughter at the stairs. 

Spaghetti and Vegetable Salad by Ma'am Elvie; Embutido by MDA; Roast Chicken by Bee; Lumpian Shanghai by Lani and Shackels; BBQ by Rhedd, Ethel and Khaye; Fruit Salad by Me; SML by Ma'am Cel; Wines from MasterCard. :-)

Chichiria by Sir Jem as appetizers. Habang pineprepare ang foods. Yan din ang pinamigay namin everytime may mga nangangaroling.

Outside the house. Sir Jem, Cheng, Me, Tia, Minnie, Lanie, Khaye, Ethel, Sharon and Kuya Dong

Kami sa strata office, normal na maging healthy. kitang kita naman. Kaso Khaye, mukang kawawa ka dito ah!

Si ethel nang-agaw pa ng bike ng roving guard!

The winning team sa mga games!

its my first time to go karting earlier. kit and jaymie tagged me to join them in their new hobby at roxas boulevard. 

super sarap! i thought i couldn't make it but its worth giving a try. a very good anger outlet.. hahhaa!! no, im not in an angry mood or sad or whatever.. its just that the moment i get out of the kart after the 12-minutes lapse, nasabi ko agad kay blf "kapag pala may galit ka e magandang dito mo na lang ilabas" hehehe!

it was good .. thumbs up... as for a first timer.

we had dinner then at dencios harbor square. afterwich, attended the sunday service.

singit kwento: right after church, when we were already inside the car, a foreigner approached and knocked to us. he was asking for help. nadukutan daw sya sa may taft avenue and the thief got his wallet with $300 and credit cards. all he needs then was 365.00 for him to make his way back to subic. we knew he was telling the truth.. the look on his face and he looked really so tired and stressed. so we gave him what he needs and you should see how thankful he is. nakakagaan ng loob because we were, at that time was his angels on the rescue but at the same time nakakaawa din sya... anyway, at least by know he might be already at subic na.

after church, we checked out policarpio street at mandaluyong for its famous christmas display. it was again my first time to see this. i've always wanted to check this out the past christmas kaso di matuloy-tuloy. though it wasn't as good as before daw, there sre still few houses who made and exerted their best efforts to present a wonderful christmas display. 

my personal favorite was the house of santa clause. 

ok. i have no picture to show because i forgot to bring my camera. sayang nga e!

but really, this day was worth the experience.

thanks to my two angels.. *wink* 

its christmas in almost a week.. and days are becoming busier everyday that i barely had time updating this blog.

christmas parties, get-togethers, christmas shopping and not to mention the preparations for my cousin's wedding on the 28th.

I even took a leave last thursday to have time to look for a dress to wear on the wedding. I dare not to wear the gown (which I have to wear during the ceremony) during the reception. Buti na lang ako ang emcee and I have all the excuse to change outfit. Anyway, thanks to my bestfriend who accompanied me the whole day and it was a success because we got this one:

we got this one in Karimadon at Galleria after namin suyurin ang buong greenhills and found nothing appealing. I need something that has a touch of yellow because of the wedding's motif.  and we both loved this one!

i am almost done with my christmas list. konti na lang ang kulang. well, i do not actually have a "list" literally. i just know kung sino sino mga bibigyan ko. yung mga "close" lang sa heart ko. hahahaha!

next week would be so toxic, for sure. 3 Christmas parties are lined-up for that three days before christmas.

di ko na alam pano hahatiin ang sarili ko.

and yeah.. my big dilemna: ang sarap kumain this season pero papano yun? aabay ako sa kasal? sad!!!! 

A Fund Raising Project by San beda Highschool Batch '84 held last night at PAGCOR Casino in Parañaque. 

I am one of the organizers (i just did the ticket design, poster, backdrop and some little errands during the main event) and it was a very successful event, indeed. 

Sana yung highschool batch ko may reunion din... Here's some pics..

cheng, me and lanie.. before leaving the office going to Pagcor

the stage.. ako po may gawa nung tarp sa likod... hehehe...

with Jet, the band's vocalist who also happened to be a Bedan.

photo by sir jem... yup! kelangan nasa stage kami ni cheng sa kalagitnaan ng performance nila...


overflowing beer and lotsa foods!!!

plus a night of rock party!!!

join us!!

watched this movie last night at megamall after my work and his seminar. I am ot surprised though why there are only just few people inside the cinema for this movie. 

It is terrifyning. yes. but not as good as we expect it to be. good concept for the cinematography. using a one person perspective. and using a one-camera all throughout the movie. May pagka ala-"blairwich project" and style.

Pampagulat, nakakatense.. but storywise, hmm.. sige.. pwede na rin.

Well at least nakapag bonding kami ni daddy..

Daddy is staying with me for 4 days. He's attending a 4-day MCLE Seminar under Chan Robles Law here at Ortigas. 

It was actually me who suggested that he stay in the house instead of travelling back and forth from Pampanga. 

...at least, we could have some time spent together.

... and because i am missing him.. a lot.


fully loaded

i am.

Thursday night, I met with my college kadas for our yearly christmas get-together dinner. This time, we are very very glad that we had with us our dear Chi whom we last saw 8 years ago.

We had dinner at Pizza Hut Megamall. A moment of catching up for the 4 of us.. and we miss trina. sya lang kasi ang kulang. hopefully next time she could come. 

we've all grown up.. and still.. we have each other.


Friday, 5th of december.. was our princess lalique's 1st month. she really grows fast and prettier..

ysa and joel cooked spaghetti and sagot ko naman ang buko pandan. though i went home late (because i still have to attend to our practice for our xmas party presentation), i still catched her awake and i still was able to play with her.

isnt she adorable???


Today, Saturday was our company christmas party.

Held at Jade Palace, Pasig. For a change we make it a party not just for us employees but for our whole family. We tagged along family members and kids. But for me, i didn't tagged a family member but instead I tagged Jaymie, yung bespren ko doon! hehe! Btw, I am one of the head organizers and mind you, it was a soooo tiring day today.

As early as 8am, I am already at the venue to set-up the area. Thanks to Cheng, Clg, Kuya Jo and Roger for the help. Inflating baloons, setting up the ramp (our theme by the way is "pasko na, fashion pa!), collating lootrbags for kids, prizes and raffles.

We had games and activities for everyone. raffles, presentations and lots lots of giveaways.

Strata team got the 2nd place in the presentation. I got a gameboy micro from the raffle. and gc's were distributed for the employees. Ayan at may pang shopping na kame this Christmas!

with my dear sis jean.. fashion kung fashion!


with bee and clg..

strata gurlds -- ethel, bee. moi, and khaye

Though tiring, it was fun. Just to see the smiles on the kid's faces is a relief. Basta masaya sila. And I guess everyone naman enjoyed the party.

more pics soon...

Advance happy christmas everyone! 19 days na lang!

woke up early this morning to hurry up a quickie shopping at divisoria for some more stuffs needed for our christmas party this coming saturday. quickie shopping because blf surprised me last night that she'll give me a company todayy to visit marlo, as yeaterday was his first year death anniversary.

i tagged joel with me to divi and it was a full crowded place. i realized it is december already and people are all in a hurry doing their christmas shopping. And, even if we wanted to check out more stuffs, we decided not to and just stick to what we really intended to buy. after which, we head home. di ka rin naman makakapag shop ng maayos dahil sa dami ng tao.

Blf was waiting at home the moment we arrived. she tagged along ian, and introduced us to one another. Ian was the tribe leader of greenhills team who performed last night at the body combat marathon.

i just had a quickie shower and we travelled up north to bataan. we arrived there past 4pm. 

it was months since i last visited him. i was then pre-occupied with some "things" and i even failed to visit him last all souls day. 

i missed him. i realized he still have this big part in my heart the moment i offered him a prayer and the flowers. memories suddenly rewinds itself in my mind. 

and it has been a year.

we never stayed long though. all i wanted was to feel his presence and i had it the very moment we enetered the cemetery. after i say my prayer, we left.

before going back to manila, we had a detour at ian's hometown in apalit pampanga. there we had our dinner and it was a chance for ian to visit his family. once in a blue moon lang daw kasi sya umuwi dun.

sarap ng dinner! :-)

and then we also had a stop at razons (no, not in pampanga but at McKinley Hill, just nearby before finally going home). And I, or rather we would NOT recommend the place at all. Not because of their product (in fact, their halo-halo is the best) but for the poor service of the staffs. 

We ordered 3 halo-halo and 1 sarsi cola and our money is 500.00 bill. The cashier said "mam wala ba kayong 260.00?" pertaining to the exact amount of our orders. Then we said "wala e" Then the lady, "wala po kasi kaming barya e." At 10:30 pm! wala pa silang barya? And then when we finally said. "wala talaga e. 500 lang din pera namin dito", she then ignored us and do her inventory for their closing. Not until we were able to get the exact amount, she never attended to us.

Then we let that passed. Kahit nakakabadtrip na. We were on the middle of our kwentuhan while enjoying ou halo-halo when a staff approaced us and said "5 minutes na lang po ha"


As far as we know, they should wait until their last customer is done with their meals, right?

Hay naku! 

We would never ever go to that place again. 

Blf tagged me to the Body Combat Marathon earlier at Le Pavillion, Roxas Boulevard.

I enjoyed watching the competition of  teams representing each Fitness First's clubs. You can see every participants giving their all efforts. Talagang kinacareer nila!

My personal choice got into the top 5 -- Metro East, Ortigas and Eastwood team. Alabang Team was also one of my top picks but sad they didn't made it.

I (and blf too) was not quite happy with who the grand winner is but then it's the judges decision. kaya, dinaan na lang namin sa kain!

Had late dinner at Marina in MOA --- na mabuti na lang at naabutan pa naming bukas.

Had a great time, BLF! :-)

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