fully loaded

i am.

Thursday night, I met with my college kadas for our yearly christmas get-together dinner. This time, we are very very glad that we had with us our dear Chi whom we last saw 8 years ago.

We had dinner at Pizza Hut Megamall. A moment of catching up for the 4 of us.. and we miss trina. sya lang kasi ang kulang. hopefully next time she could come. 

we've all grown up.. and still.. we have each other.


Friday, 5th of december.. was our princess lalique's 1st month. she really grows fast and prettier..

ysa and joel cooked spaghetti and sagot ko naman ang buko pandan. though i went home late (because i still have to attend to our practice for our xmas party presentation), i still catched her awake and i still was able to play with her.

isnt she adorable???


Today, Saturday was our company christmas party.

Held at Jade Palace, Pasig. For a change we make it a party not just for us employees but for our whole family. We tagged along family members and kids. But for me, i didn't tagged a family member but instead I tagged Jaymie, yung bespren ko doon! hehe! Btw, I am one of the head organizers and mind you, it was a soooo tiring day today.

As early as 8am, I am already at the venue to set-up the area. Thanks to Cheng, Clg, Kuya Jo and Roger for the help. Inflating baloons, setting up the ramp (our theme by the way is "pasko na, fashion pa!), collating lootrbags for kids, prizes and raffles.

We had games and activities for everyone. raffles, presentations and lots lots of giveaways.

Strata team got the 2nd place in the presentation. I got a gameboy micro from the raffle. and gc's were distributed for the employees. Ayan at may pang shopping na kame this Christmas!

with my dear sis jean.. fashion kung fashion!


with bee and clg..

strata gurlds -- ethel, bee. moi, and khaye

Though tiring, it was fun. Just to see the smiles on the kid's faces is a relief. Basta masaya sila. And I guess everyone naman enjoyed the party.

more pics soon...

Advance happy christmas everyone! 19 days na lang!


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