Strata Christmas Party

After our Fashionista Company Christmas Party, we had our own strata family Christmas celeb at Sir Jem's House in Pasig. With guests from warehouse, Cheng and Minnie.

Daming food... red wines, beer plus games..

it was a fun! fun! bonding night...

It was our first time to held a house party at Sir Jem's place. That's Tia, his cute little daughter at the stairs. 

Spaghetti and Vegetable Salad by Ma'am Elvie; Embutido by MDA; Roast Chicken by Bee; Lumpian Shanghai by Lani and Shackels; BBQ by Rhedd, Ethel and Khaye; Fruit Salad by Me; SML by Ma'am Cel; Wines from MasterCard. :-)

Chichiria by Sir Jem as appetizers. Habang pineprepare ang foods. Yan din ang pinamigay namin everytime may mga nangangaroling.

Outside the house. Sir Jem, Cheng, Me, Tia, Minnie, Lanie, Khaye, Ethel, Sharon and Kuya Dong

Kami sa strata office, normal na maging healthy. kitang kita naman. Kaso Khaye, mukang kawawa ka dito ah!

Si ethel nang-agaw pa ng bike ng roving guard!

The winning team sa mga games!


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