twice the firsts..

its my first time to go karting earlier. kit and jaymie tagged me to join them in their new hobby at roxas boulevard. 

super sarap! i thought i couldn't make it but its worth giving a try. a very good anger outlet.. hahhaa!! no, im not in an angry mood or sad or whatever.. its just that the moment i get out of the kart after the 12-minutes lapse, nasabi ko agad kay blf "kapag pala may galit ka e magandang dito mo na lang ilabas" hehehe!

it was good .. thumbs up... as for a first timer.

we had dinner then at dencios harbor square. afterwich, attended the sunday service.

singit kwento: right after church, when we were already inside the car, a foreigner approached and knocked to us. he was asking for help. nadukutan daw sya sa may taft avenue and the thief got his wallet with $300 and credit cards. all he needs then was 365.00 for him to make his way back to subic. we knew he was telling the truth.. the look on his face and he looked really so tired and stressed. so we gave him what he needs and you should see how thankful he is. nakakagaan ng loob because we were, at that time was his angels on the rescue but at the same time nakakaawa din sya... anyway, at least by know he might be already at subic na.

after church, we checked out policarpio street at mandaluyong for its famous christmas display. it was again my first time to see this. i've always wanted to check this out the past christmas kaso di matuloy-tuloy. though it wasn't as good as before daw, there sre still few houses who made and exerted their best efforts to present a wonderful christmas display. 

my personal favorite was the house of santa clause. 

ok. i have no picture to show because i forgot to bring my camera. sayang nga e!

but really, this day was worth the experience.

thanks to my two angels.. *wink* 


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