my 2008 christmas

celebrated with people close to my heart... 

christmas eve here at home. hahaha! aside of course from the noche buena, di mawawala ang "session" with "my boys"

One of the things I am thankful for is that "things" are now back to normal. pain and grudges are gone. ok na kami ulet. we laugh again, throw jokes to each other, and trying to re-build the friendship we once lost. sure, things wouldn't be the same again like before, but it's much a lighter feeling for me now. and i can see the relief feeling of everyone around us knowing that things are better between us. wala ng awkwardness, di na sila nangangapa na lam nilang may "issue".

Magaan sa pakiramdam. Thank you God, for an answered prayer. :-)

Christmas Day. Early morning I travelled up north to Pampanga to be with my Dad and families - dad side. It's been years since I last saw them (except for my dad of course) and they were really really surprised seeing me knocking on their doors. It was a heartfelt feeling spending christmas with them again.. with my cousins, titos and titas... and of course, my daddy.

I never stayed long though. Early afternon I went back to manila. I dropped by the Matias' home kasi pinagluto daw ako ni tita nelie ng aking favorite steamed tilapia with garlic sauce. with a little kwentuhan with Tito Julio and the rest of the family... and yeah, it really feels good. to finally smile again... 

I am at peace.

Then had coffee with BLF and Kit. I am happy that we three are together this day. it means a lot.  

will be busy and toxic the next few days. kuya olans wedding up-next. 

plus, i want to have this blog a new look. and i am working it out right now. 

you'll see soon!!!

a blessed christmas everyone!


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