Loooong Monday

woke up early this morning to hurry up a quickie shopping at divisoria for some more stuffs needed for our christmas party this coming saturday. quickie shopping because blf surprised me last night that she'll give me a company todayy to visit marlo, as yeaterday was his first year death anniversary.

i tagged joel with me to divi and it was a full crowded place. i realized it is december already and people are all in a hurry doing their christmas shopping. And, even if we wanted to check out more stuffs, we decided not to and just stick to what we really intended to buy. after which, we head home. di ka rin naman makakapag shop ng maayos dahil sa dami ng tao.

Blf was waiting at home the moment we arrived. she tagged along ian, and introduced us to one another. Ian was the tribe leader of greenhills team who performed last night at the body combat marathon.

i just had a quickie shower and we travelled up north to bataan. we arrived there past 4pm. 

it was months since i last visited him. i was then pre-occupied with some "things" and i even failed to visit him last all souls day. 

i missed him. i realized he still have this big part in my heart the moment i offered him a prayer and the flowers. memories suddenly rewinds itself in my mind. 

and it has been a year.

we never stayed long though. all i wanted was to feel his presence and i had it the very moment we enetered the cemetery. after i say my prayer, we left.

before going back to manila, we had a detour at ian's hometown in apalit pampanga. there we had our dinner and it was a chance for ian to visit his family. once in a blue moon lang daw kasi sya umuwi dun.

sarap ng dinner! :-)

and then we also had a stop at razons (no, not in pampanga but at McKinley Hill, just nearby before finally going home). And I, or rather we would NOT recommend the place at all. Not because of their product (in fact, their halo-halo is the best) but for the poor service of the staffs. 

We ordered 3 halo-halo and 1 sarsi cola and our money is 500.00 bill. The cashier said "mam wala ba kayong 260.00?" pertaining to the exact amount of our orders. Then we said "wala e" Then the lady, "wala po kasi kaming barya e." At 10:30 pm! wala pa silang barya? And then when we finally said. "wala talaga e. 500 lang din pera namin dito", she then ignored us and do her inventory for their closing. Not until we were able to get the exact amount, she never attended to us.

Then we let that passed. Kahit nakakabadtrip na. We were on the middle of our kwentuhan while enjoying ou halo-halo when a staff approaced us and said "5 minutes na lang po ha"


As far as we know, they should wait until their last customer is done with their meals, right?

Hay naku! 

We would never ever go to that place again. 


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