Day 1. September 25, 2008.

It was the trial day of our streamering campaign for Motolite Express Delivery Program. We went around Makati area and look for a good visible household location to put up the M.E.D. Streamer. 

MED is a program of Motolite wherein you can have your car battery delivered right at your dorrstep or in any place where you encounters a need for battery change. Just call 370-6686 (370-MOTO) and in less than 30 mins your new battery will be delivered up to where you are. visit for more details. Ayan po, free plugging....

It was a tring fun day for the six of us ... Me, Cheng, Esmond, Ayee, March and Roger. Climbing up the ladder, convincing household owners and scouting for a house where the streamer is good to be place.

Parang amazing race. hehehe...

More streamering activities soon...


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