Macky's Back!!!!

Yesterday.. he's  sick again. Just right after updating the Security Update 2008-6, he then had a hard time booting up...

I tried, to the best that I can, perform some troubleshooting taught to me by the care support people from Apple... but sad, i failed. I need to bring him at PowerMac Center at Megamall (and it happened to be their grand opening day) and there he was checked.

It so happened that the update that I did caused him to have a failure in reading his hard drive. Which caused me to perform the "archive and install" thing that lasts until 4am earlier.

It is just about now that I'm done doing all the re-installing and updating of the softwares, plug-ins, programs, and his own operating system.

etong si macky talaga... laging nakikisabay sa mood ko... hmmm...


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