me back!

been away for a while.. wasn't able to post anything.. out of any updates... been a little busy...

coping up.

and im back to my own self now. i have found what i needed and im doing the best that i can to get back to normal.

...Been to La Union and Fontana for a weekend getaway.
...Celebrated BFF's 28th
...Met new people
...Waking up from a a dream i thought was something to treasure.

Alot happened, really. And i don't know if I want to post every detail here. Maybe some of it, or should i say, most of it ar not worth remembering... and i still have to deal with it up to now.

but anyway, i know things will be ok eventually. just need a little more time...

a BIG BIG thanks to my Little Sis and BFF for standing by...


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