stupid me

Because i needed to hurry up this morning (syempre super late na naman ako nagising) in order to catch up with a meeting, i forgot to bring my atm card from the bag that I used yesterday when we went to mass...

I just knew it when I was about to withdraw because i totally run out of cash... ang natira sa wallet ko: 120.00. kmusta naman??? papano ko susurvive for today.. I tried borrowing from my ofcmate pero naku.. lahat tag-hirap din...

Buti na lang may lifesaver. BF on the rescue.. he offered to fetch me after work so I could use my remaining cash for lunch. Medyo nahiya lang ako coz i know he's really stressed out from his work and he's already in Makati tapos kelangan pa nya pumunta ng Ortigas to fetch me then go straight home here in Taguig... Thanks thanks BF!!!


We went straight to his house for dinner and a little bonding time with his dad. Talked about plans on their coming 25th year anniversary... 


Tonight i need to ponder on some things... And, this is one of the few moments that I have the chance to sleep early.... I wish I could... and i'll try.


Sometimes, you just need to let other people go on their way and give them space in order for them to think and realize things... even if it means a little emotional burden to you... at the end of the day, hopefully, everything would be fine...




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