my thursday

was spent with..

Kagerz in the morning as we do the Metrobank Design-My-Card HRP Booth Activity at Metrobank Head Office in Makati. We were the one in-charge of manning the booth for those interested Metrobank Employees who would want to convert their existing credit cards into a personalized picture card. It was the second day of activity and i guess for that 3 hours (11am - 2pm), 2 turn-ins isn't bad...

And syempre kapag nagsama ang dalawang "kagon", di mawawala ang peeccchuurrreess! These playtime pics were taken on macky's photo booth habang walang nagaaproach sa booth...

After the activity, BF picked me up and helped with our egress (kasama na ang pagbubuhat ng mga gamit namin that were used during the activity). Jaymie was suppose to be with us but sad toxic work calls and she can't make it. 

Before going anywhere, we decided to head first at Greenbelt Chapel for a little quiet moment. It was spontaneous. And it feels good.. We both picked a piece of the rolled verses near the entrance and as we read our specific verse, we both smiled and say "sapul!" Here's what my verse says..

"Let endurance come to perfecton that you may be fully mature" - James 1:3

I can't remember exactly what his verse says but it also kinda relate to what he's going through at the moment. Then we both prayed... 

I remember him saying.. "kapag may questions nga ako, dito lang ako pmpunta and kung ano yung makuha kong verse dyan sa basket na yan, yun ang nagiging sagot sa tanong ko."

... and deep inside, I agree. It's true. All you have o do is to ponder on that verse and you'll be enlightened.

After chapel, syempre ang favorite past time namin: kain galore! We had Brother's Burger (kasi di pa daw sya nakakain sa Brothers). Walkathon from Greenbelt to People's Support Center near Makati Med para lang sa Brother's. Kaya sulit na sulit ang kain.. pambawi sa malayong lakaran. This time i missed my BFF... sya kasi lagi kong kasama pag Brother's Burger... dapat kasi kasama namin sya e...

And then we take a stop at Treats for coffee and more kwentuhan.

We were thinking of making another walkathon trip from FTI Complex to our house  pero di na kinaya ng powers namin. 

It was a tiring but enjoyable day. And yeah, we both missed you, bff...


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