lovin' wednesday...

watched this yesterday with bf, ysa and joel. It was bf's treat to us, as promised last week :-) we're supposed to see zohan because that's what he really intended to see but unfortunately, alanganin ang oras sa g4.  we were left with 2 choices: dark knight and this one. we decided the latter since may kasama kaming buntis.. hehehe... we're better off with a lighter flick. And since I also have a movie marathon date on monday with bff and little sis..

we made a good choice, i can say. mama mia is totally a feel-good movie. we found ourselves laughing all throughout. there's some touching scenes too... 

i just can't forget what bf told me during the middle part: "naiimagine ko kayong tatlo o!".. pertaining to me, bff and little sis.. with a big grin....hmft!!! 

Ad then bf and I treated our two minime to dinner at Giligans... natuwa na naman kasi kami sa kanila...

... another one good bonding moment of the four babs *wink*


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