Nik, here it is..

this is the second time that i will post this coz the first time, i dont know what happened.. even my template didn't changed... whew!!! something is wrong maybe.... but anyway...

Tagged by my besty... im giving this a shot!

Put an "X" by all the things you've done and share it with your friends.

1. (x) Smoked a cigarette. more often lately...
2. ( ) Crashed a friend's car.
3. ( ) Stolen a car
4. (x) Been in love.
5. (x) Been dumped. Yup... and it really hurts
6. ( ) Shoplifted
7. (x) Been fired/laid off.
That's what INQ TV ia all about... and I miss everybody...
8. ( ) Been in a fist fight
9. ( ) Snuck out of your parent's house
10.(x) Had feelings for someone that didn't have them back.
It's always been like that
11. ( ) Been arrested
12. (x) Gone on a blind date.
Much more.. speed dating! ... which I would never do again!
13. (x) Lied to a friend. For good reasons naman
14. (x) Skipped school.
15. ( ) Seen someone die
16. ( ) Been to Canada.
17. ( ) Been to Mexico.1
8. ( x) Been on a plane.
19. ( ) Purposely set a part of yourself on fire.
20. ( ) Eaten sushi.
I have never tried...
21. ( ) Been skiing. I'd love to try....
22. (x) Met someone in person from the internet. Ya! and it was a disaster!

23. (x) Taken pain-killers.
Kung may painkiller din for heartache.. i would probably try it....
24. (x) Love someone or miss someone right now. Sobra!!!
25. (x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by. And it feels good...
26. ( ) Made a snow angel.
27. ( ) Had a tea party.
28. (x) Flown a kite.
29. (x) Built a sand castle.
Kaso hindi ko nabuo e... at least I've tried...
30. (X) Gone puddle jumping.
31. (x) Played dress up.
32. (x) Cheated while playing a game.
33. (x) Been lonely.
I think all of us have gone through this...
34. (x) Fallen asleep at work/school.
35. ( ) Used a fake I.D.
36. (x) Watched a sunset.
37. (x) Felt an earthquake.
38. ( ) Touched a snake.3
9. (x) Slept beneath the stars.
40. (x) Been tickled.
41. (x) Been robbed. .
42. (x) Been misunderstood. .
43. ( ) Petted a reindeer/goat. .
44. (x) Won a contest. .
a lot of times...hahaha!
45. ( ) Ran a red light.
46. ( ) Been suspended from school. From work, yeah!
47. (x) Been in a car accident.
48. ( ) Had braces.
49. ( ) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night.
50. (x) Had deja vu. A lot of times
51. (x) Danced in the moonlight.
52. (x) Liked the way you looked.
53. ( ) Witnessed a crime.
54. (x) Questioned your heart.
55. (x) Been obsessed with post it notes. lalo na college days
56. (x) Squished barefoot through the mud.
57. (x) Been lost.
58. ( ) Been to the opposite side of the country. What's the opposite side?
59. (x) Swam in the ocean.
60. (x) Felt like dying.
61. (x) Cried yourself to sleep. countless times...
62. (x) Played cops and robbers.
63. ( ) Recently colored with crayons.
64. (x) Sung karaoke. So much fun!
65. (x) Paid for a meal with only coins. Care naman nila?
66. (x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't.
67. (x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out your nose.
68. ( ) Caught a snowflake on your tongue.
69. (x) Danced in the rain.
70. (x) Written a letter to Santa Claus.
71. ( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe.
72. ( ) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about.
73. (x) Blown bubbles.
74. (x) Made a bonfire on the beach.
75. (x) Crashed a party.
76. (x) Gone roller-skating.
77. (x) Had a wish come true.
78. (x) Worn pearls.
79. ( ) Jumped off a bridge.
80. ( ) Ate dog/cat food
81. ( ) Told a complete stranger you loved them.
82. (x) Kissed a mirror.
83. (x) Sang in the shower. Always!
84. (x) Had a dream that you married someone. Can't picture who it was though...
85. (x) Glued your hand to something.
86. ( ) Got your tongue stuck to a flagpole.
87. ( ) Kissed a fish.
88. (x) Sat on a rooftop.
89. (x) Screamed at the top of your lungs.
90. ( ) Done a one-handed cartwheel.
91. (x) Talked on the phone for more than six hours on one occasion.
92. (x) Stayed up all night. This is a normal thing for me...
93. ( ) Didn't take a shower for a week. Yuck ha!
94. ( ) Picked and ate an apple right off the tree.
95. (x) Climbed a tree that had a tree house.
96. (x) Been told by a complete stranger that you're hot.
97. (x) Ever had a one night stand. Still can't believe i did....
98. (x) Ever missed someone so much it still hurts to think of them. Im in that situation now
99. (x) Ever loved someone that you knew wouldn't love you back. So much...
100. (x) Ever been to a professional baseball, football, or hockey game in a stadium. sa seagames
101. (x) Went hiking in the mountains. ay... it felt so fulfilling when you get to the top!
102. (x) Smoked a cigar. Same with question no. 1?
103. (x) Had a crush on someone you worked with but never told them.
104. ( ) Wished you had the chance to change your profession. Im very much happy with my profession...
105. ( ) Ever cremated and kept the ashes of a pet you cared a lot about.
106. (x) Wished you could live your life over again beginning at age 21. Actually, can we make it age 3?... same here nik!
107. (x) Been baptized.
108. (x) Rode a horse. at pinagtawanan ako ni monik!!!
109. ( ) Sent flowers to someone you never met.

Now, im tagging anyone who got to read this!!! hahahaha!

We are thre "tres marias"... we stick through a lot of tests... 10 years of friendship.. going to forever... bestfriends till the end...

We barely had time to be together more often now... everyone's busy with her own career... both of them in law office... me, here in advertising... But though we never see each other that much, we always keep in touch. In fact, each of us is updated to whatever it is that is happening to anyone... like last night...

Met up for dinner at megamall... met van first and then nik came afterwards...

news... news... updates.. and more updates... new revelations... new secrets... another bonding

kute, thanks for unending understanding and support... lalo na ang iyong "moral support"! hahaha! im very blessed to have a bestfriend in her...

Van, through ups and downs you are there.. thanks for keeping my ultimate secret... actually, you and nik are my real "angels".. believe it! Thanks for the cd and I will treasure it forever... Thanks for getting into the "middle"... and I want you to know that I am verry happy for you....

As i said, these two besties are my real angels... Nobody can replace them in my life... they have witnessed all the "mosts" of my life... and nothing can change that...Excited na ko sa Bohol!!!!

She's the first person I got to talk to on my first day at 1ISA. She's the first person who approached me... and talked to me like we've known each other for years (even if its just for a second).... and she's the BITCH that's been very good to me... and she celebrated her 27th year of existence... with full fun and party!!!

with tita peachy and red... party @ citrus ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE!!!


Haven't been here for the past days... been busy with sooo much workloads...

planned to post a lot of updates.. and here's some of it... (singit lang to sa break.. hehehe)



Yes! shopping is my theraphy...especially when im stressed an when "things" bugs my mind.... going to malls and having something for myself is completely relieving and satisfying... and it makes me happy...

here's what I got....

* Brown capri slacks from Sari Sari
* Denim Jeans from Freeway
* Red tank top from Freeway
* Brown laced blouse from Plains and Prints
* Brown strap sandals from Sari sari
* Gold tote bag from Secosana
* Lip and Cheek stain / Cheek Colour from Body Shop

... yes i know.. I splurged...i tortured my credit card...but i guess it's just right to give myself a treat, right?


Joebs and I met again for a "date" (not the two of us.. but with others too!... a biggest secret we have now..) Isang waging kalokohan!!! hahaha! *wink* After that "date" we continued the night at Streetscape.... :D


Headed at the Embassy after streetscape. Met with Nicole and Red, my office friends..

Just having fun.. and more...

We met again... JOHN and JOEBS... two of my closest dudes wayback college...

Met up at Shang for dinner and coffee...

Updates... updates... remembering the old and discovering the new us...

It's great to see and be with them again...

And surely, we'll go out more often now...

See yah around, guys!!!

I can't believe I am feeling this way... I dont really see myself passing to this level of emotion... This is not the way it used to be...

I know it will come to this point but I didn't see myself drowned to this thing so deep that I can't help myself from cutting it off. It is not fair... to both sides..

You know the feeling of missing someone so much that all you ever wanted is to see or talk to that person even for a single second? A single second is enough for you to take away all those depression and longingness... but the fact is, that person doesn't knew that you're missing him/her... or maybe he/she does...

You tried to get in touch but it seems forever that you could get a response... Its a waiting game... and it's hard... it's getting harder every single day...and you can't do anything...

You found yourself stuck in a stage where you are just waiting for the next thing to idea of what's next...

Worst is.. you knew that "that person" too is in the same stage of depression as you are. You knew that at this moment, that person needs someone to listen and be there for him/her... which actually is your role to that person's life... and now.. as much as you want.. you can't do anything...

now tell me... if i can't help myself... then, who?

Cant wait to see this...

I have read the book... and I know many have done too...

There could be a great expectations for this movie....the way people have been amazed reading the book...

Opens May 19....


I was visiting some of my friend's blogs when I spotted this on Joan's site.. seeing that she tagged me at the end.. kaya.. sige na nga...

TEN men you find sexy
- Tom Welling (a.k.a. Clark Kent)
- Brad Pitt
- Colin Farrel
- Tom Hanks
- Joshua Jackson
- Michael Rosenbaum (a.k.a Lex Luther)
- Orlando Bloom
- Brendan Fraser
- Aga Mulach
- Sam Milby (hahahahaha)

NINE people you would invite to a special party
- "My Angel" (this one could complete the special party anyway...)
- MYMP... para masaya...
- My dad
- Bestfriends (Cleng, Nik, and Van)
- Extended barkada
- .....
- .....
- .....
- .....

EIGHT sure fire ways to get your attention (positive and negative)
- eye contact
- nice and senseful talk
- anything lavander, lilac & purple
- a good music
- a vacation invite
- anything about "my angel"
- foods!
- stress breaks

SEVEN pet peeves
- know it all in-duh-viduals ( I second the motion!)
- liars
- “so-called friends”
- jerks & a-hole guys
- cheaters
- parasites
- stubborness

SIX women you look up to
- Clengski
- Nik and Van
- Lea Salonga (yeah.. i do..)
- Tita Cora (my tita ganda!)
- Mama Mary

FIVE random things about you
- I hate dirt!!! (especially at home)
- addicted to purple... lavander... or anything in that shade
- I love music and movies.. and my bestfriends
- Shopaholic (that's my theraphy)
- I am so in love with "my angel"

FOUR most romantic songs (music)
- Util I get over you (Christina Milan)
- Fall For You (Shanice)
- All My Life
- The First Time I Loved Forever

THREE places you want to take a vacation in
- France
- Venice
- New York

TWO turn ons
- simple pero may dating
- witty & smart

ONE unforgettable moment
- yet to come.. and im hoping its soon...

tag 5 people...

Finally... our most precious hardwork is now available for video streaming...

A lot of people are asking for a copy.. and now.. here it is...


My last project with INQ TV... the most memorable documentary of everyone...

I miss everybody...

For those who have watched it... and those who gave their commends... thank you very much...

I believe there's nothing wrong with hoping for what I really want... making my best effort to achieve something and putting my best foot forward to reach my goal. But sometimes, I am hindered by factors I can't somehow understand. People, incidents, environment.. all of these affects my decisions. It may not be directly but in some ways it contributes to whatever it is that I do.

I am the kind of person who's not afraid of trying out new things... exploring new adventures... going to places I have never been before... doing things for the first time... satisfying my curiosity..

But some people often misunderstood me...

Which, I guess, is their problem, not mine. I believe I cannot please everybody... and I cannot succomb to their own norms and beliefs...

I have my own personality and nobody knows me better than myself.

I wonder, why does some people have this habit of judging a person even without even knowing the real score of a situation. Why is it that some people loves to make chismis of other people's personal stuffs? And why is it that they always tend to see the dark side of you inspite of all the good things you've shown them? Why is it that when im completely happy, something would definitely come up and ruin the moment?

Ahh... these always happens... everytime...

And it really makes things so imperfect.

My first major event.. my first project... my test...

It was a sucess... and I am so proud of myself....

The tap on my shoulder... the recognition... and the appreciation... more than enough to cover up all those stress...

It was a teamwork...the key to it's sucess... and everybody deserves the credit....


Even if I have to wake up as early as 4am to be present on the set-up... Even if I felt nervous when I was about to control the presentation on the L.E.D.... even when I know that everybody has a great expectation on me... and it pressures me out...and even if I know that a single mistake could ruin evrything....

still.. everything turned out to be more than what we expected....

and the moment the program ends... and when my boss approaced me and said " Very good work, Congratulations", I felt relieved...

Even until when I got home.. I received messages of congratulations from my superiors...

This is one of a kind....
Now, here's some of the pics...

my 1ISA Family

-prettier in pink!!!-

-with the VOLVO guys-

with the technical guys.... that's the advantage of leading the creatives... being the only rose amongst the thorns!!! hahahaha!


I am still amazed that finally, two of my long lost friends have finally found me!! Thanks to Friendster :-)

I seldom open my friendster account... I just usually do when I do have my free time.. coz most of the time, instead of going to friendster... im here busy doing my "blog". I was surprised to see on my mailbox something from Friendster that there's a "New Friendster Message from Mabe" and "A New Friend request from Mabe"...

Hey! She was my former officemate on my ever first job on advertising! We've been working together for almost 8 months and then she left for the States. Then I suddenly opened my account and saw her. Gee! You should see her now! A very different Mabe from whom we knew during Ad Sustain days. And mind you... she seems so happy with her married life.. not to mention her good-looking husband! *wink*

Then I send her a message and she replied the next day. I was glad to hear from her, really! And not only that... it was a surprise for me to know that she and Vivian (our c0-officemate too) still had communications!

Speaking of Vivian, Im happy to know that she's happy with her life in Taiwan. Oh... they are both outside this country. And it seems that they are staying to where they are for good. Though I still haven't got the chance to exchange message with her. I remember those days when I have to make kulit to her especially when its payday time!!!! hahahaha!

Now, I wonder... where is Sam? He's the only thorn amongst the roses!

I hope we could have a mini-reunion soon!!!


Hay... 5 days since I last posted a "post" has been a very busy week lately and until now... im still rushing things up...
My first event project on this job is coming up very very soon... 4 days to go and it's judgement day for me... It's going to be on Saturday, and you should see the piles of workloads I have on pending.. rushing everything to make it on Saturday.
I already did lot of collaterals for this projects.. fliers, banners, invitations, powerpoint presentations, and more other stuffs... And glad, everything was approved and appreciated by my superiors. Their praises and the tap-on-my-shoulder are enough for me to work on this more... to get inspired... and to find a reason of putting my best on this.
Looking forward on a date with my bestrfriends sometime this week... It has been months since we three go out together... Usually it's Me and Nik, Nik and Van, Me and Van but it is very seldom that the three of us get together on a besty bond time... So, I hope we could make it out this week.... And thanks Van in advance for giving me one wonderful present... I owe you ONE BIG TIME!
I'll post updates and pics soon.....
See yah!!!

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