Hay... 5 days since I last posted a "post"....it has been a very busy week lately and until now... im still rushing things up...
My first event project on this job is coming up very very soon... 4 days to go and it's judgement day for me... It's going to be on Saturday, and you should see the piles of workloads I have on pending.. rushing everything to make it on Saturday.
I already did lot of collaterals for this projects.. fliers, banners, invitations, powerpoint presentations, and more other stuffs... And glad, everything was approved and appreciated by my superiors. Their praises and the tap-on-my-shoulder are enough for me to work on this more... to get inspired... and to find a reason of putting my best on this.
Looking forward on a date with my bestrfriends sometime this week... It has been months since we three go out together... Usually it's Me and Nik, Nik and Van, Me and Van but it is very seldom that the three of us get together on a besty bond time... So, I hope we could make it out this week.... And thanks Van in advance for giving me one wonderful present... I owe you ONE BIG TIME!
I'll post updates and pics soon.....
See yah!!!


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