Updates... Updates...

Haven't been here for the past days... been busy with sooo much workloads...

planned to post a lot of updates.. and here's some of it... (singit lang to sa break.. hehehe)



Yes! shopping is my theraphy...especially when im stressed an when "things" bugs my mind.... going to malls and having something for myself is completely relieving and satisfying... and it makes me happy...

here's what I got....

* Brown capri slacks from Sari Sari
* Denim Jeans from Freeway
* Red tank top from Freeway
* Brown laced blouse from Plains and Prints
* Brown strap sandals from Sari sari
* Gold tote bag from Secosana
* Lip and Cheek stain / Cheek Colour from Body Shop

... yes i know.. I splurged...i tortured my credit card...but i guess it's just right to give myself a treat, right?


Joebs and I met again for a "date" (not the two of us.. but with others too!... a biggest secret we have now..) Isang waging kalokohan!!! hahaha! *wink* After that "date" we continued the night at Streetscape.... :D


Headed at the Embassy after streetscape. Met with Nicole and Red, my office friends..

Just having fun.. and more...


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