I believe there's nothing wrong with hoping for what I really want... making my best effort to achieve something and putting my best foot forward to reach my goal. But sometimes, I am hindered by factors I can't somehow understand. People, incidents, environment.. all of these affects my decisions. It may not be directly but in some ways it contributes to whatever it is that I do.

I am the kind of person who's not afraid of trying out new things... exploring new adventures... going to places I have never been before... doing things for the first time... satisfying my curiosity..

But some people often misunderstood me...

Which, I guess, is their problem, not mine. I believe I cannot please everybody... and I cannot succomb to their own norms and beliefs...

I have my own personality and nobody knows me better than myself.

I wonder, why does some people have this habit of judging a person even without even knowing the real score of a situation. Why is it that some people loves to make chismis of other people's personal stuffs? And why is it that they always tend to see the dark side of you inspite of all the good things you've shown them? Why is it that when im completely happy, something would definitely come up and ruin the moment?

Ahh... these always happens... everytime...

And it really makes things so imperfect.


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