I am still amazed that finally, two of my long lost friends have finally found me!! Thanks to Friendster :-)

I seldom open my friendster account... I just usually do when I do have my free time.. coz most of the time, instead of going to friendster... im here busy doing my "blog". I was surprised to see on my mailbox something from Friendster that there's a "New Friendster Message from Mabe" and "A New Friend request from Mabe"...

Hey! She was my former officemate on my ever first job on advertising! We've been working together for almost 8 months and then she left for the States. Then I suddenly opened my account and saw her. Gee! You should see her now! A very different Mabe from whom we knew during Ad Sustain days. And mind you... she seems so happy with her married life.. not to mention her good-looking husband! *wink*

Then I send her a message and she replied the next day. I was glad to hear from her, really! And not only that... it was a surprise for me to know that she and Vivian (our c0-officemate too) still had communications!

Speaking of Vivian, Im happy to know that she's happy with her life in Taiwan. Oh... they are both outside this country. And it seems that they are staying to where they are for good. Though I still haven't got the chance to exchange message with her. I remember those days when I have to make kulit to her especially when its payday time!!!! hahahaha!

Now, I wonder... where is Sam? He's the only thorn amongst the roses!

I hope we could have a mini-reunion soon!!!


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